16- spraying machine 5095

Model No.: YZ5095HD Putty sprayer Description: Yazhong electric high pressure airless sprayer 4000W with long pump, 8.7L/min, putty sprayer machine

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SELECTING THE RIGHT SPRAY PRESSURE After you have chose an airless paint sprayer that will deliver enough pressure the next key with your airless sprayer pressure is using a good operating pressure.  Excessive pressure with your airless sprayer can cause excessive overspray but lack of pressure can result in airless sprayer tails (see below). In general you want to gradually increase your airless sprayer pressure until the pressure you have chosen is high enough to eliminate any tails in your pattern and maybe slightly more pressure to ensure pressure drop doesn’t create an issue.  By starting low and gradually increasing, you can be better certain you will be using your airless sprayer at an effective pressure without creating excessive overspray. Pressure Drop Tip Size      Flow Rate         1/4” Hose**           3/8” Hose* .015               .20 gpm                 125 psi                      45 psi .017                   .27 gpm                 140 psi                    50 psi .019                   .34 gpm                 160 psi                     57 psi .021                   .41 gpm                 182 psi                     65 psi .023                   .48 gpm                204 psi                   73 psi .027                   .67 gpm                  248 psi                    90 psi


1. 1pc 75CM extension rod 2. 1pc x2m 1/4" +1x15m 3/8" hose 3. 1pc spraying gun 4. 1pc 517 +1pc 541nozzle 5. 1 instruction manual 6. 1 set Repair tools kit 7. 1pc each suction pipe, return pipe 8. 1 bottle of lubricant Application: commercial and industrial construstion, steel structure, suitable for Texture Paint, Putting Paint, medium and high viscosity regular paint, Latex Paint, Industrial Protective Coating,Functional Coatings, Waterborne Coatings.

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